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Pursuit of cleaner and sustainable energy resources are the requirements of this time.

This brief video explains we are not short of existing energy resources. Just need to explore and find them in our habitat.

On Past, Present and Moving Further

The last century has shown an absolute brutality in the form of two major world wars giving rise to predominant bestial approach in getting things done regardless of their moral perspective. News and Propaganda has taken a new form of Fake News or Alternate Truth putting question marks on the validity and authenticity of news affairs. Seeking Truth has become a daunting task particularly when we are dealing with all kind of information from unverified sources. 

If we look into the past and see the horror and bloodshed inflicted upon humanity by the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons it also shows a lack of responsibility on the part of major power players at that time. We have also witnessed the deepest rivalry among nations became a long lasting alliance of friendship and cooperation with the period of time bringing people closer together. The main cause of deep political crisis lies in social, economic and educational injustice within the people of the region. Crisis management, disaster recovery and more enhanced tools of communications need to be updated periodically for effective conflict resolution among nations.

On Human Endeavor and Struggle against Odds

In the world we are living right now having witnessed marvelous achievements in all spheres of lives ranging from Arts, Commerce, Science and Technology. It is a society which also has kept its moral values side by side with technological developments. Our civilization has faced many changes throughout the pages of history and every time with the darkest hours emerges ray of light a hope that shines across the galaxies. It is due to this very essence of Hope and Faith that mankind has survived tremendous upheavals throughout the time. From Stone age to Bronze Age moving on to the era of enlightenment, Dark ages and Middle ages period of Renaissance and finally to Modern World every age has bring its own color and add to the progress of Mankind. The recent technological advancements need to be flourished in every sphere of life regardless of color, caste, religion or creed for healthy participation and engagement of global communities. The advancement has also brought responsibility to use it effectively for the mankind rather putting it towards path of self-inflicted destruction and demise. On this high time the role of international community and all global regional power players has become increasingly important towards responsible use of all channels of learning, acquiring wealth and creating a society based on sound principles of egalitarianism, Truth and Justice.

Today I would like to share links on Technology, Trade and Health trends making significant improvements

Mark Cuban on picking stocks

Mark Cuban is describing how he picks stocks based on trends and demands.

Elon Musk's innovative product.

Elon Musk demonstrating an innovative products extremely useful at the time of power outage due to natural disasters.

Dr Mandell's simple breathing exercise.

In this video Dr Mandell is explaining simple breathing exercise to stimulate our mind.