Reflection, Enlightenment and Radiance:

Reflection, Enlightenment and Radiance are integral mode of light. Light brings hope and life to the humanity and the world we are living right now. It is the source of energy and vitality for all. The balance in light, shades and night constitute towards healthy and prosperous life in our planet.

Welcome to my simple site on bringing hope, optimism and perseverance in your Life

Life is full of mysteries, chaos and unpredictable. Time never remain the same. Everything is in constant motion therefore time is also in continuous motion even the space as well. The earth we are living right now is not the same as it was 100 or 1000 years ago or may it will not be same in 100 or 1000 years afterwards. Our Civilization has taken various steps, leaps and bound in time. There were civilizations in past excelled in other discipline other than science and technology such arts and architecture.

The modern era brings increased interconnectivity among disciplines such as Science, Business and Arts. In fact the fusion of Knowledge has revolutionized the learning and human path of self-discovery and awareness, With about 10% of the universe being discovered with latest technological instruments and up to 10% of human mind is working in its full efficiency chances are more we learn about ourselves, nature and the universe across we will be more close to solve greater mysteries in our lives.

Life desires a healthy balance between body and soul or the mind and heart. Human beings are gifted with intellect reason and curiosity unlike any other creature which are predominantly controlled by their instincts and passions. The healthy balance in our mind and soul will create focus and harmony in your life and strive for greater deeds we aspire. We need to understand the fact that time is moving constant ahead and with that space in time as well. The whole celestial bodies follow a regulated path or pattern which slightly varies with time even we cannot notice our own earth is moving at its own axis constantly beside moon revolving around it and all planets revolving around sun and even our sun is revolving around greater galaxies or Milky Way. It is fascinating to note that every single thing is in constant and consistent motion all the time synchronized and beautiful.

The force which brings all the heavenly bodies together is Gravitation. Without it the heavenly celestial motion ceases to exist. Consider for a moment if moon suddenly disappear from the picture then the whole gravitational system among earth, sun and rest of the planet gets disturbed resulting in complete chaos in universe. 

Just like Celestial objects attracts to each other human beings attract and interact with others and the Nature in different ways. The things we love and find we get closer to them while things we get annoyed we repel them.


Therefore we need to be optimistic as things changes with time and nothing Gold can stay forever. The only thing needed is continuous and consistent struggle and helping others in the time of need and despair in the best possible way.



With kind regards